Under the Wheels of the Chuck Phelps Bus

Yesterday afternoon, David Gibbs III, who represents both Chuck Phelps and Christine Leaf, lost last minute legal wrangling citing “pastoral privilege.”  According to reports,  David Gibbs III argued that should not be included since Chuck Phelps’ “copious notes” had been handed over to the Concord Police Department without his knowledge.  Judge Larry Smukler ruled against the argument of pastoral privilege by David Gibbs III.

Merrimack County Superior Court Judge Larry Smukler talks with Assistant County Attorney Wayne Coull, left, and Public Defenders, Brooksley and Donna Brown, during a hearing for Ernest Willis.

It appeared that Chuck Phelps may have forgotten he was not preaching to his flock, but instead testifying in a court of law.  When asked a question, Phelps did not just answer the question, he talked and he talked and he talked.

Of course, making sure to only make eye contact with the jury.

Pastor Phelps says people in his church are taught that pre marital sex is wrong but they are not taught to look down on those who sin. He is describing the guidelines at the school regarding dress codes and behavior.

Chuck, you are such a joker.   Really?  This is like saying a Catholic doesn’t need to go to confession.

Chuck Phelps “copious notes” that were turned over to the Concord Police without his knowlege contained some interesting things.

In Chuck Phelps interview with 20/20 Phelps said he did not know that Ernie Willis was the father of Tina’s baby.  Phelps said that Tina accused a man of a crime but did not know that a crime had been committed.

According to Phelps testimony, his “copious notes” revealed,

Pastor Phelps just checked his notes from October 8, 1997 and says that Ernie told him he had two encounters with Tina about a month apart and that in a meeting later that same day with his wife present he told the Pastor that he was the ‘aggressor’. He [Phelps] says it was then revealed that Tina was with child.

uh OH!

Chuck Phelps pulled one of the oldest trick in the Independent Baptist Fundamentalist, preacher play book.  He turned on the waterworks.  Phelps cried as he recounted that he was concerned Ernie Willis may have been suicidal, after Willis had admitted that he was the ‘aggressor’ on Tina Anderson.  Absent from Phelps testimony was any crying, and concern over the fact that a teenage sexual assault victim may be suicidal.  Wonder why, Chuck didn’t call the Concord Police, or escort Willis to the Concord Police Department where Willis would have been “safe” on suicide watch in the county jail?

Phelps also testified that he that he knew the family in Colorado that homeschooled their three boys. Phelps testified that this family would be perfect to keep Tina during her pregnancy.

Is it a wise decision to send this vulnerable teen girl halfway across a continent, to a place where she would not know anyone, to live in a home with a family of only boys?

Wait a minute. He knew the family….perfect…keep Tina?

Thought Phelps had no say in sending Tina to Colorado. Didn’t Mrs. Leaf testify to that earlier?

uh OH!

Later in the testimony, Phelps told the prosecutor that he wanted to be on the side of the prosecution for over a year.

Really?  Phelps you are such the joker!  Why didn’t you come forward, cooperating with the investigation, not attacking the victim on your website, etc?

Phelps complained he was thrown under the bus by the media.

Chuck, the floorboards under the drivers seat of the bus you were driving were rotted through.  Chuck you just fell under the wheels of the bus you were driving.  Chuck Phelps took Ernie Willis and Christine Leaf under the bus tires along with him.  Furthermore, Phelps proved that Tina was telling the truth.

Meanwhile, the boys club over on Sharper Iron are still arguing over whether Tina should have been Church disciplined or not.  Even fight over what the word “aggressor” means.

Oh how Chuckles longs for the sound of silence by the Sharper Iron folks.

11 thoughts on “Under the Wheels of the Chuck Phelps Bus

  1. I’m still wondering how Gibbs and Co. thought they were going to pull the ‘pastoral confidence’ argument off since most states have laws against confidentiality by counselors, clergy etc. when those ‘confidences’ include admissions of crimes.

    Am I missing something here, or are their attorneys?

    Cindy@Baptist Taliban Memoirs

    • Am not an attorney but do know a little about privilege. In NH Willis had no expectation that Phelps would not report this to the authorities because under NH law members of the clergy are mandated reporters for child abuse and/or molestation.

      Furthermore, in this case, any privilege would have belonged to Tina, the victim, not the perpetrator. Privilege was pierced whenever the person entrusted with privilege speaks about it to anyone else. The moment Phelps brought his wife into the pastoral counseling situation, privilege died. Privilege certainly died when Tina was made to stand before the congregation.

  2. Yeah, Chuckles, I understand that and you understand that, but I am not sure how Gibbs III-being and attorney and all-did NOT seem to understand. Looks to me like he did not know the law very well. Maybe they were arguing confidentiality because Phelps didn’t know his notes were being used? Or maybe they figured, “What the heck, might as well give it a try” since by the way the trial was going, they were sure to lose anyway..

    • IMO, those arguments were a hail Mary play.

      I did not do a post on some other things that occurred during the trial. David Gibbs, III played some dirty tricks to ‘psych out’ the victim during the trial. One day he tried to sit near the victim. David Gibbs, III had his son (his son was 12-13?) sit next to Tina wearing a teal shirt, the color for survivors of abuse. Tina’s supporters both inside and outside of the courtroom were wearing teal. Did he try to slip his underage son in with Tina’s supporters hoping no one would notice? Did David Gibbs hope that if such a tactic was successful, his son may have overheard something to help him? It certainly appeared purposeful. Even the prosecutor, re-arranged the seating. Who knows for sure at this point? If Gibbs didn’t know that it would be inappropriate for he and his son to sit near a victim/witness, then he sure is not a lawyer I would want defending me. Anyone who has spent anytime in criminal court, know that the prosecution, and victim sit on one side of the courtroom and the defense sit on the other. Phelps and Christine Leaf, were clearly witnesses for the defense. Phelps smiled and nodded affirmedly in the direction of Mr. Willis while waiting to be questioned on the witness stand. Phelps was ruled a “hostile witness” by the prosecution.

      Just a few of my opinions on the matter.

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