Children Placed Knowingly at Risk of Convicted Sex Offender by Wisconsin Pastor?~Let Us Prey

Thomas L. Fuller, Jr, Whitewater, WI.  Bob Jones University Vintage, Junior Classification, 1992. Fuller  was a BJU "preacher boy" for three years. Married a wife from Bob Jones University before transferring and apparently receiving his degree at some point from Marantha Baptist Bible College in Watertown, Wisconsin

Thomas L. Fuller, Jr, Whitewater, WI. Bob Jones University Vintage, Junior Classification, 1992.
Fuller was a BJU “preacher boy” for three years. Married a wife from Bob Jones University before transferring and apparently receiving his degree at some point from Marantha Baptist Bible College in Watertown, Wisconsin

What did Thomas Fuller, Pastor of Kettle Moraine Baptist Church of Whitewater, Wisconsin do when Pastor Fuller was notified a pastor from Michigan the middle-aged man named Dennis Rintala started showing up to services at the Kettle Moraine Baptist Church in 2005 was a convicted sex-offender who had proclivities for teenage boys?

Allowed, Dennis Rintala, a known sex offender work with children un-supervised.

According to

Despite these warnings, Rintala was allowed to regularly work and spend time with children he met through the church—often driving children unsupervised to events or to evangelizing around Whitewater, according to police reports and interviews with former members.

Rintala, 53, went on to prey on two boys between Dec 2011 and Aug 2012. Rintala was convicted and sentenced by Judges in Walworth and Jefferson Wisconsin counties to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting the minor boys. The boys who were both younger than 13 years old at the time the crimes were committed.

Fuller, who has been Kettle Moraine Baptist’s pastor since 2004, declined an talk via phone but has responded via email.

Fuller pined a Michigan pastor didn’t give an accurate comment of Rintala’s crime, and Fuller pined he didn’t find out about the sex-offender registry law until it was too late.

Fuller stated:
“We didn’t know behind in those days what we know now, No one did.” Really now, Pastor? No one knew…except you, of course.

The troubles under the leadership of Pastor Fuller go much further than Rinata.

In addition to Dennis Rintala, over a nine-month period Samuel Shelton, 18; and Matthew Vander Pluym, 19 plead guilty to allegations of sexually assaulting multiple children.

A month after Rinalta was arrested another male from Kettle Moraine Baptist Church was charged with fondling a minor girl and a few months before a third was arrested for assaulting children.

Matthew Vander Pluym, 19, plead guilty and was charged with one count of first-degree child sexual abuse. A plea deal gave him a suspended sentence and 5 years probation.

Between 2011 and 2012, another member, 18-year-old Samuel Shelton preyed upon 4 girls, all of them younger than 13.

Shelton told authorities he assaulted a fourth girl “about two times a week” during a Kettle Moraine Baptist Academy, a small elementary and high school operated by the church.

Shelton pleaded guilty in September to one count of sexual assault of a child and is scheduled for a sentencing in February.

Police say Shelton also assaulted girls during his home, located where Rintala worked: Camp Joy.

Camp Joy isn’t owned and operated by Kettle Moraine Baptist Church, though this site on a lists a church as one of a Thirty-Six “Association Churches” in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Questions arise over what the fate of the pastor should be, considering it is alleged he knew Rintala was a sexual deviant who preyed on boys. It seems as if Pastor Fullers Alma Mater, Maranatha Bible College hold Fuller up as example of someone “Leading by Example.”

“Kettle values engaging young people in ministry,” Clater said. “I greatly enjoy the opportunity to work with them and encourage them in their musical growth and their service for the Lord.”

“Encouraging students in spiritual growth and service for the Lord is a part of developing them to be “leaders for ministry in the local church and the world.” And as the numbers show, it’s a part that the Maranatha staff, faculty, and administrators all take seriously.”

With examples such as Fuller, one can only wonder how many other children will be preyed on while he hides the information from parents then when questioned feigns ignorance.

Chipper Snow Working With Columbus Ohio Children’s Theater?

Charles "Chipper" Snow, IV Booking Photo Greenville County SC Sheriff Department

Charles “Chipper” Snow, IV Booking Photo Greenville County SC Sheriff Department

We here at Chucklestravels received a tip concerning Charles “Chipper” Snow.

To refresh your memories,  Charles Henry Snow, IV (aka Charles “Chipper” Snow, IV) was arrested on September 14, 2010 for Criminal Sexual Contact with a minor.  According to arrest reports, the victim was fifteen at the time of Snow’s arrest.  The offenses took place from April until August while the victim was fourteen.

When he was committing these crimes, he was a Graduate (Teaching) Assistant at Bob Jones University.

On September 20, 2011 with Judge Edward W. Miller presiding, Charles Henry Snow, IV plead guilty to Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct with a minor under the age of 16.  A Class C Felony.  Snow was sentenced to 7 years suspended sentence and 3 years probation.

We researched the tip and found the following on Facebook page of The Academy of Performing Arts in Columbus, Ohio (TAPA)

Chipper Snow childrens theater

Click To Enlarge

I would like to invite everyone to come out to see “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, at Wagnalls Memorial in Lithopolis. Opening this Friday at 7:30. We have turned it into a musical with some fantastic songs, written by our own Chipper Snow, and the show is fun for the entire family. We have the largest seating capacity for any community theatre in Central Ohio, with plenty of safe parking. “We are closer than you think”  (Emphasis Chucklestravels)

The parking at The Academy of Performing Arts in Columbus, Ohio (TAPA) may be safe, but we’re more concerned about why it is they chose Chipper Snow to help with its Children’s theater.

Was a background check done?  If not, why not?

If so, why did they choose to ignore this conviction?

Where the parents of all the participating children notified of Chipper’s Conviction?

Justice Served … and Upheld

Ernie WillisIn a report here from the Concord Monitor, The New Hampshire Supreme Court published a unanimous opinion upholding the conviction of Ernie Willis for raping Tina Anderson twice.  Even our old friend Chuck Phelps gets a mention for his testimony and his requirement that Tina confess originally.

We on the Editorial Board could not be more pleased with this.  It brings closure to a long and arduous thing that sought to defame a (at the time) young girl for being sucked in and lied to by a perpetrator.  In the wake of all this, we’ve reported on many other cases where institutions such as Trinity Baptist Church (most of them IFB or at least closely related) attempted to whitewash crimes and abuse.    With this verdict, the upheld conviction, and other actions (such asGRACE’s investigation at BJU), we feel confident that the truth will continue to prevail and that the True God of Christians will shine through the tarnished image presented far too often in “those circles”.Please see the Supreme Court of New Hampshire decision HERE.

Chuck Phelps

C.P. Traveler (for the Board)

Timothy Johnson Fired as President of Louisiana College~ He’s The Victim

In March 2013 we here at Chucklestravels gave some disturbing details on the past of Timothy Johnson who was appointed president of Louisiana College.  Please read those posts HERE and HERE

Tim and Robbie Johnson

Tim and Robbie Johnson

The reason for the outrage is because Louisiana College was going to appoint, Timothy Johnson who is the son-in-law Mack Ford and Thelma Ford of New Bethany.

Timothy Johnson has been fired from Louisiana College.  Interesting that he’s playing the victim.

Timmy boy is alleging he was fired due to whistle-blower at Louisiana College.

It is too bad Timothy Johnson didn’t have the guts to “call the law as he promised if New Bethany were to reopen.

His father-in-law, Mack Ford  is alleged to have physically abused and raped girls for four (4) decades.

No whistle-blowing then, Timmy, huh?


Mack Ford is far more prolific alleged child sex abuser than Jerry Sandusky.

  • Bienville Parish Sheriff Department what’s the deal?
  • Bienville Parish District Attorney WHY didn’t you prosecute?
  • Federal Bureau of  Investigation why didn’t you follow-up when it was reported that Mack Ford raped girls across state lines?


One by One by One….

The Editorial Board has received information indicating the formal interviews for the GRACE investigation are proceeding as planned.  Some are completed; some are yet to come.  All of them are a vital part in shining truth and light on a once dark, musty, and rather dirty closet at Wade Hampton Boulevard.  

Yes, one by one, they filled out surveys.  One by one, they will sit down with the GRACE team of investigators, and all-around good guys of the Faith. GRACE logo

For many, this will be the very first time anyone has truly believed their stories.  In fact, many had begun to doubt the veracity of their own experience based on the sticks and stones of those fundamentalist stalwarts who ran (and ruined) their lives.  Their “bitterness” was to blame and they were just “out to get” BJU because of their own “sin”.  But no more … one by one by one they have found solace in the welcoming arms of Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (G.R.A.C.E. ) What a picture that paints.


God’s grace is, ultimately, the only place we will find complete solace.  He still sends comfort and protection to the afflicted.  One of our friends received a note of encouragement by someone who was praying that “bouncer angels” would be present during the trip to meet the investigation team and the interview.  Oh, the stress and self-talk work overtime to be sure.  But we are happy to report that God did send that type of cover, be they angels, friends, or just a word of encouragement from a stranger or the strangest place.  

One by one, they will all face their fears and their past.  Many will imagine the smirking face of Jim “I Wannabe a Counselor” Berg with his phony degree and hollow, often cruel methods.  Many will see the shadowy faces of their attackers and then those who accused them of lying.  The guilt will come in floods – yet these people are willing to do what is right even when a school founded on “doing right” would not.

We’ll see the results at some point.  BJU continues to shrink into an irrelevant state anyway.  The true fundy believers still have Pensacola and its water park for a whole lot less money.  Those who wake up and want a real degree have a world full of options in Liberty, Wheaton, Cedarville, and so many more.  Yes, one by one I believe we’ll see them all walk away until only a “basement Bible school” remains – and perhaps Stephen can run that by himself.

The word of the day is HOPE friends.  These people who have been, are being, and will be interviewed let hope swell up in them again.  And they are rewarded by a team of loving, Christ-like investigators who believe them and want to see justice done.  One by one by one they will have their interview day … and the dim light of hope grew bright.   The hope that one day someone, somewhere would at long last take the time to sit down, listen and believe their accounts of abuse and mistreatment became a reality.


Looking Beyond

"Jesus Knows"

“Jesus Knows”

When the Editorial Board asked me to write this post, I warned them I would go “heavy on grace and redemption”. Chuckles and the rest said that was fine. In fact, they know me well enough to expect nothing else. The gist of the post is to follow up now that Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (G.R.A.C.E.) is done with the initial survey at BJU, plus try and bring everybody back to a “center point” given the years of neglect both on Wade Hampton Blvd and elsewhere. Frankly, given the venom we’ve seen by people attempting to intimidate victims and the “gee, shucks, thanks” attitude from none other than Stephen Jones himself – well, it just strengthens our resolve here at Chuckles Travels to be there for all of you who hurt so badly to this day. Oh, and a word of caution for those whose faith has either been pressed to the limit or who don’t believe there is a God anyway. If you’ve read me before, you know I don’t pull punches in that area. You also know I won’t clobber you over the head with my beliefs or my Bible. You’ve seen enough of that to last you a lifetime. OK, here we go …

I’ve been privileged to be part of a team teaching a class on the C.S. Lewis classic Mere Christianity. I’ve read excerpts many times before, but this is has provided a chance to really dig into the book and understand the perspective from which Lewis wrote it. Couple this study with so many other books, talks, and material I’ve come across during the past few years of my journey and I am more convinced than ever that God – and I’m talking the God of Christianity here – is good and trustworthy. His ultimate act of grace and redemption in Jesus is beyond adequate thoughts and words. All the stories we’ve read that talk about some angry, vindictive God who punishes people and causes the strife we see are just plain bunk. Oh, I know he offers correction at times, but it never comes in the punitive form we’ve been taught in so many, many times. He is always the loving Father we long for. It’s the people who have twisted this that cause all the harm. I don’t have to mention names – you all know what was represented to you by some of these monsters. And then the had the nerve to come back at you and say it was all for your own good (or because of your sin) and that you need to “get over it”. Yep – that “bitter card” just keeps coming out of their hands.    

Jesus Holding Girl

But I’d like to challenge you to look deep into your own soul. The very design of it is for a loving relationship. The core of your being longs to be rescued. It shouts out – sometimes into what only seems like darkness – for somebody to care. And I can point you to the answer, but it won’t’ necessarily look like you think it should. I know some of you are asking, “Where was God when I was beaten and abused?” That’s a fair question and I don’t take it lightly. I will offer the answer, “He was right there” but I won’t do so in some flippant way. Much like the author of The Shack came to know in that powerful allegory, the abuse and neglect do hurt God. He had such better designs for our world – but he also wasn’t going to force anybody to love him. He knew that would be a hollow thing in the end. So he gave the beings he created choice. And, as Lewis and so many others tell us, with the choice comes the ability to select both good and evil.

The men and women who abused and accused you would minimize this aspect of God and also the impact of the Evil One. Yes, I believe that Satan is a real being and I believe he is intent on doing as much damage as possible. He is the one who brought your tormentors to do what they do. It wasn’t because of your “bad” – it was because of their choice to see God as a punisher and be agents of evil. They may have even thought they were bringing “God’s correction” but they knew nothing about his love and they were never in a position to help. Their own egos and needs took over and they did not do God’s work, instead choosing to perpetrate evil. But even this dark side of the story has the chance for a happier ending.

You, my friend, hold the keys to your own destiny. You have that same power of free will. You can choose to enter into the Mystery of who God really is and what he has promised to do for us. This is the same God that used even the evil done on poor Joseph to save a nation – in fact, save the known world. This is the same God who stands like the Prodigal Father ready to welcome us, dress us, and feed us lavishly. We can choose to run toward him through our Divine Brother. It will not undo the past. In some cases, those who did the evil things may appear to “get away with it” as even our laws fail to bind them. But I can promise that God will redeem it all and will never tell us to “get over it”. Instead, he will wrap us in his arms and encourage us to look beyond and find Him.

He may ask us to tell our stories to others so that the cycles of neglect and abuse can be broken. He may ask us to seek legal justice so that people are punished for their crimes. But whatever he does, he has promised to be with us and love us. He is not the “vending machine” God of the fundamentalists. He will not be “tamed” like they want him to be. His love is, as Brennan Manning put it, a reckless and ravenous thing. And he welcomes all without regard to what has happened. He tells us we are not some flawed, reprobate beings. He calls us his own children and he laughs and delights to see us come. Looking beyond is possible because he has already provided for it … and he invites us to see things as he does. He invites us to take his hand, experience his grace, and know we aren’t alone anymore.

May you find his peace in a new way today …

C.P. Traveler

And Now We Wait …


The GRACE survey is closed.  Some of you were contacted for follow-up and even interviews.  Some of you were not contacted because the nature of your abuse doesn’t fall under the scope of the GRACE investigation or perhaps (we actually heard this) it happened someplace other than BJU (even if it was an affiliated-notwork joint).

Now we wait … patiently for the competent and qualified persons at GRACE to do their job.  We trust that the truth comes out no matter how many people Jim Berg or his minions (yes, he has them – “Concerned” is one) tried to intimidate people.  No matter how many former people who get the “money beg” letters (one actually arrived the day the survey closed) but have not seen any communication about the investigation.  We wait, we trust, and we believe that truth prevails.

C.P. Traveler

T Minus 4 Days and Counting

Despite urstwhile President Jones’ pretense that 1) they were “partnering” with GRACE and 2) they had reached everybody on their mailing lists … the disingenuous way BJU continues to conduct itself is despicable.  Intimidation (direct or indirect), ignoring facts, and even attempting to alter history in some cases … all shameful acts of desparate people.

You know the drill, friends, Keep Calm and Tell GRACE … (click the picture for more info)


Sick Puppy: Joshua Budgett

According to the Concord Monitor:    

A jury found Joshua Budgett of Pittsfield guilty of all 10 counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault against him after one hour of deliberation in Merrimack County Superior Court yesterday. He was immediately taken to the Merrimack County jail and will be sentenced April 30.

Budgett, 39, was convicted of assaulting his stepdaughter in their Pittsfield home repeatedly from September 2009 to April 2012, using multiple forms of penetration. Four of the 10 counts were for pattern sexual assault. The girl said it happened nearly twice a week and in every room of the house over that period. At the time, she was living in the home with Budgett, her mother and three younger siblings. The girl first reported the assaults in April 2012 to her boyfriend, then to a school counselor later that day.

Budgett is also a registered sex offender for two convictions of aggravated felonious sexual assault in 1994 with a victim under the age of 13. Under state law, someone with two previous convictions for aggravated felonious sexual assault could be sentenced to a lifetime in prison without parole.

Strained relationship

When the verdict was read, the girl hugged her boyfriend and a family friend, as her mother, Shirley Budgett, sat with her head on the bench in front of her a few rows back. The two did not sit together during the trial, speak in the courtroom or leave the courthouse together. Shirley Budgett had testified the day before that she and the girl used to talk about everything, but their relationship changed after the allegations surfaced last year. She also said she did not want Joshua Budgett to go to jail for the rest of his life.

The girl’s credibility was the key issue in the trial, with the two attorneys painting different pictures of her motivations during closing statements. Defense attorney Andrew Winters tried to poke holes in her statements and show that the state hadn’t proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt. But Deputy County Attorney Catherine Ruffle said the girl had no reason to lie and the evidence proved she was telling the truth.

Katie Swango, a criminalist with the state who specializes in forensics and serology, testified about DNA found on a rag that the police seized during a search of the family’s home in April 2012. The girl told authorities Budgett had cleaned himself with that rag and tossed it under a work bench after he had sex with her, shortly before she told people about the assault.

Swango tested two stains on the towel that contained seminal fluid and found the stains had a mixture of Budgett’s and the girl’s DNA. On Monday, Shirley Budgett had testified that she and Budgett had sex in the garage a few times and that he probably used a towel to clean up. But Swango said there was no evidence of Shirley Budgett’s DNA on the towel.

Swango said she couldn’t identify the source of the girl’s DNA and could not tell for how long the DNA had been on the towel. She did know, however, that the seminal fluid was Budgett’s, and that DNA from the two was mixed together.

“The DNA testimony is not nearly as incriminating as the prosecutor I think will suggest, because although the DNA was there, the DNA analyst can’t tell you anything about when the DNA was deposited,” Winters said during his closing arguments.

When Sgt. Richard Walter with the Pittsfield Police Department took the stand, Winters questioned why he had seized that particular rag in the garage and no others. Walter said it matched the description and location provided in the search warrant.

Kayla Page, the counselor whom the girl first told about the assaults, also testified. She said the girl was calm and clearheaded on the day she told her. The girl said she was worried about the safety of her mother and three younger siblings. Refreshing her memory with a copy of her initial report of the girl’s disclosure, provided by Winters, Page said the girl first told her the abuse began when she was 11. On Monday, the girl said it began when she was 13 or 14.

That discrepancy was one of several pieces of testimony Winters pointed at to say the state had not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt. The girl said the assaults happened nearly 300 times, but that no one ever saw because her mother was always sleeping or in another room. Shirley Budgett testified that it was easy to hear things around the house, and she never saw or heard the two engaging in inappropriate behavior or acting suspiciously.

There “was a total of six people living on that one floor,” Winters said. “It would be incredibly brazen to try to pull off such a sexual assault repeatedly.”

Furthermore, he said, Swango’s testimony was not definitive enough to prove the mixed DNA on the towel came from sexual intercourse. He also pointed to the girl’s admittedly bad relationship with Budgett, who was always disciplining her and setting strict rules. She told her boyfriend and the counselor about the assaults the day after her boyfriend heard Budgett yelling at her.

“If you look at the genesis of how this report came forward, that makes a lot more sense of how a story like this could be fabricated in a teenage girl’s mind,” he said.

No reason to lie

But Ruffle said the girl’s dislike of Budgett wasn’t a reason to lie. She had made her own plans to get out, getting good grades in school and working two jobs to save money for college. She never told because Budgett had groomed her to believe that what was happening wasn’t wrong.

“He was smart, he was sneaky, he was controlling and he was manipulative,” Ruffle said.

The girl couldn’t remember every detail of the assaults because it had happened so many times, she said. The defense called the accusations unbelievable. But if the girl was lying, Ruffle said, she would be more likely to create a story that was simple and neat.

“Why would she make up an unbelievable story?” she asked the jury. “The reason is, she didn’t make up this story – she told you what happened in her life.”


What makes this story even worse is that Chuck Phelps  married Joshua Budgett  to a single mother in Phelps’ congregation while Budgett was still in a half way house on a previous conviction for two counts of Felonious Sexual Assault (Victim under 13 years of age.) Joshua Budgett is listed on the Sex Offender registry related to this 1994 conviction.  Phelps actually officiated the ceremony at the half way house.  The bride had a small child already, and later the two had children of their own.

Chuck Phelps On the Stand at the Rape Trial for Tina Anderson Playing the Victim

Chuck Phelps On the Stand at the Rape Trial for Tina Anderson Playing the Victim

Perhaps Chuck Phelps honestly thought he was doing the right thing. But this is a clear example of how unfit Phelps was to pastor or give any advice to anyone. At best, his actions show he was incapable of thinking that a man whom he considered a believer, to be a predator. At worst, Chuck Phelps couldn’t care less what happened to the vulnerable and innocent.
Other pastors/ religious leaders need to be shown Phelps is  an example of how not to operate and treat the most vulnerable. We here at Chucklestravels are saddened for the victim and her siblings.

This paragraph from the above article about Shirley Budget makes our blood run cold.

When the verdict was read, the girl hugged her boyfriend and a family friend, as her mother, Shirley Budgett, sat with her head on the bench in front of her a few rows back. The two did not sit together during the trial, speak in the courtroom or leave the courthouse together. Shirley Budgett had testified the day before that she and the girl used to talk about everything, but their relationship changed after the allegations surfaced last year. She also said she did not want Joshua Budgett to go to jail for the rest of his life.


This man raped your daughter.


As a mom you, Shirley still believe in the offender?

Gary Weir Cries, The Chancellor Rants…

I, Chuckles, didn’t want to write about  Joseph Bartosch.

No, I loathe even to think about a cabinet member and administrator from Bob Jones University having plead guilty to a sex-related crime.  Especially when Bartosch was just promoted to the position of Chief Branding Officer for Bob Jones University in December 2012.

It didn’t warm any of the hearts of the Editorial Board of Chucklestravels to find out the man who Bob Jones chose promote from within, whose job was to market the University had plead guilty to soliciting a prostitute for which he served three years probation.

Joseph Bartosh California Conviction


Since it appeared it had already been reported by the media in many different places.  We made the editorial decision to pass on by this one.

On Wednesday, March 27, 2013, Bob Jones III went on a verbal rampage in Chapel about “bloggers who ruin lives,” referring to the University’s decision to suspend Joseph Bartosch.

The Ranting Chancellor, Bob Jones University.

Wait a minute….

Hold the phone, Bob.


First of all, the blogs hadn’t posted anything about Joseph John Bartosch .

It was Bob Jones University that  released the following press release late in the afternoon on Friday, March 22, 2012 by Bob Jones University’s Chief Communications Officer


From: Keirstead, Carol

Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 3:13 PM

Subject: Message from BJU executives


Friday afternoon, March 15, Bob Jones University learned of an allegation that a cabinet officer, Dr. Joseph Bartosch, had been charged with soliciting prostitution in another state over two decades ago prior to his current BJU employment. He quickly came to administrators, confirmed the allegation and put himself at their disposal. That afternoon the University suspended him indefinitely from his position as Chief Brand Officer while we gather facts to reach an appropriate decision about his continued employment. In making the decision, we will consider such things as the incident itself, his subsequent walk with the Lord and current testimony. Our objective is to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, David Lovegrove will be the university contact on behalf of the marketing and enrollment planning team. Please pray for wisdom on the part of the administration and for Joseph and his family.


Bob Jones executives made the decision to suspend John Barotsch because of his prostitution conviction, but…now Bob III is somehow claiming Bartosch is a victim whose life is being ruined by bloggers?

Nice try, Bob.  But it ain’t gonna’ work.  Not this time.

Here are the facts that the blogs did not cover.

Joseph Bartosch birth date is in March 1960.  According to the filing date for his conviction for soliciting a prostitute was March 15. 1990.  If my math is correct,  that made Joseph Bartosch was thirty-years-old.  How does a 30 year old man a victim when he is the one who chose to go out, look for a prostitute, pay the prostitute, sleep with said prostitute, then plead guilty to the charge, serve his sentence.

A thirty-year-old man doesn’t just roll out of bed one morning, stumble out onto the sidewalk into the arms of a prostitute.   What Barotsh did was premeditated, Bob.


But then it’s not the first time, Dr. Bob III has taken the side of perpetrators.

Dr. Bob Jones, III endorsed a book written by a pastor while still incarcerated for beating a little boy until the boys kidney’s failed:

Caleb Thompson’s book on God’s grace has a ring of authenticity to it, more than any I’ve read on the subject. The circumstance under which he wrote it provided a seedbed which could have grown either bitterness or grace. It grew grace; and from prison, that beautiful bloom of God’s grace is unfolded and expounded. The richness of God’s grace is real to Caleb, and he makes it real to us. –Dr. Bob Jones III – Chancellor of Bob Jones University


Here is the link to the Caleb Thompson appeal decision brief to the Texas Court of Appeals, Third District.  There is enough information for an objective, third party to understand the gruesome details of the case and the need for the sentence which was handed down. If Bob Jones III was ever truly interested in the facts of the case, he has never retracted his endorsement despite Bob Jones III’s later claimed that he did indeed read the appeal decision posted above.


We all remember Bob III and Bob Jones University digging in his heels to defend Chuck Phelps.  Bob Jones University told us all to call Phelps to get Phelps’ side of the story.  Bob Jones III, nor anyone on the Board of Bob Jones University never reached out to Tina Anderson or her family.

In May 2011, Tina’s rapist, Ernie Willis, was convicted by a jury on three counts of forcible rape and one count of felonious sexual assault.  Yet, Bob Jones III was recorded making the following statement:
“Well, the truth is she [Tina Anderson] was raped but it was a consensual rape.” ~Bob Jones, III, November 2011.

So you see, in November 2011, the Chancellor of Bob Jones University was telling people a girl could be have been consensually forcibly raped in an attempt to explain away why Bob III would keep the pastor who made a 15-year-old girl stand before the congregation and apologize for putting herself in a compromising situation [getting raped].  Then the pastor who Bob III insisted on keeping on the Co-operating Board of Bob Jones University set it up with Tina’s mother and sent Tina, the young rape victim, halfway across the nation to live with strangers. The 15 year-old’s rapist remained in church–a free man.  A free man who could have potentially preyed on other teen girls.
Yet, Bob III saw Phelps as the victim.


Chucklestravels has been informed, yesterday Gary Weir had a meeting with those who report directly to Joseph Bartosch .  People who attended the meeting report, Gary Weir was crying over the decision whether to make Bartosch’s suspension permanent.

Gary Weir the [Crying] VP for Academic Affairs, Cheif Administrative Oversight Officer

Really Gary?  Bob Jones University has shown the sidewalk to numerous elderly faculty who are “let go” just a few years from retirement without Bob Jones University’s “Promise” to take care of them in their twilight years.

Bob Jones, III has the nerve to rant about “bloggers” who are ruining people’s lives?!


Bob Jones University, let us make things crystal clear.  If Bob Jones University chooses to retain Joseph Bartosch, Bob Jones University had better publish publicly one darn good reason!

If you’re not sick enough, listen to the audio of this sermon on the “Sanctity of Marriage” by Joseph Bartosch. Bartosch was at the time was a 50-year old single man. Make sure you get to about ~23 minutes in where he describes watching from “afar” the push-up bra he claims was worn by a young lady.



The various news accounts appear to be unaware just how long Joseph Bartosch has been employed by Bob Jones University.


Here’s the accurate timeline:

982 05 00 — Graduated BJU as Speech Ed


1991 03 15 — Court Filing Date of Prostitution conviction


1991 03 26 — Arraignment


1994 04 20 — Probation ended.


1994 06 07 — Filed to start Sacramento Preparatory Academy


2001 08 00 — Assumes Staff GA over Perf Hall while he pursues MA in Dramatic Production while “on sabbatical” from SPA.


2002 05 00 — Bartosch appears in the yearbook as a Graduate Assistant from Sacramento, CA.


2002 05 01 — Played Antigonus in Winter’s Tale


2005 08 00 — Returns to BJU for a MS in Counseling.


2006 05 00 — Listed as a GA from Greenville, SC. Masters in Biblical Counseling.


2006 11 15 — Vincentio in Taming of the Shrew


2007 05 00 — Not listed in the yearbook.


2007 05 02 — Lord Chief Justice in Henry IV


2007 00 00 — Successfully defended his EdD diss in Curriculum and Instruction with proficiencies in biblical counseling, communications, and theology


2007 08 00 — Manager of IT.


2008 04 30 — Duke of Exeter in Henry V


2008 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC


2009 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC


2009 11 18 — Jaggers in Great Expectations


2010 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC


2010 12 06 — PROMOTED: Dean of Distance Learning.

As reported in the Greenville News: 

BJU Names New Dean of Distance Learning

Bob Jones University announced today the appointment of Dr. Joseph Bartosch as Dean of Distance Learning. Reporting to Dr. David Fisher, Provost, Dr. Bartosch is responsible for the further development of BJU’s online education program.

Joseph Bartosch

Dr. Bartosch graduated from BJU in 1982 with a Bachelor of Education degree. He continued his education at BJU and received a Master of Counseling degree in 2006 and an EdD in Curriculum and Instruction in 2007. His service at BJU began in 2001 as a graduate assistant in the School of Fine Arts while on sabbatical from his position as Head Master at the Sacramento Preparatory Academy to earn his master’s degree. He returned to BJU in 2007 as the Manager of IT Administration.

“We are excited about this new position,” says Dr. Gary Weier, BJU’s vice president for administration, “as it is a major step in expanding our distance learning opportunities in ways compatible with our mission.”

As the dean of distance learning, Dr. Bartosch will provide oversight of the distance learning program in the areas of business and financial planning and curriculum and course content development. He also will serve with the other academic deans on BJU’s academic leadership committee and will assist the director of enrollment planning in establishing recruiting strategies and enrollment targets for the distance learning program.

Dr. Bartosch stated, “BJU’s distance learning program will grow dramatically. Our biggest, strategic challenge then is to meet distance learning students where they are with the finest Christian distance learning options available while instilling in them the core competency of Christlike character.”

BJU’s distance learning program targets high schoolers who are eligible to take college courses prior to college enrollment and students who want to take some of their college courses during the summer. The online courses also are ideal for adults who wish to further their college education and work toward an undergraduate or master’s degree.

BJUOnline offers undergraduate classes in accounting, art, Bible, English, history, mathematics and psychology.Graduate level classes are offered in the subjects of Bible, business administration, education and philosophy. BJU also offers 3 online graduate degrees: Master of Business AdministrationMaster of Education and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.

“I am thrilled about helping BJU extend its course offerings beyond Greenville. It’s time to assess the market needs, write the business plan, and implement the next generation of distance learning at BJU,” Dr. Bartosch said.

Learn more about BJUOnline and online courses


2011 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC


2011 11 16 — Solinus in Comedy of Errors


2011 12 17 — Marries Christina Davis


2012 05 02 — Brabantio in Othello


2012 05 00 — Appears in the Bob Jones University Vintage (BJU’s yearbook) as an Administrator, “Dr. Joseph Bartosch, Dean of Distance Learning.”

2012 12 00 — PROMOTED: Appointed Chief Branding Officer